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Lexington Law over 2.5 million removals in 2011
Sky Blue Credit Repair A+ BBB rating with zero complaints
Ovation Credit prices starting at only $39 per month

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If you've shopped for credit repair, you've run across other sites like this one. There are many websites that provide "unbiased" reviews or lists of the top 10 credit repair companies. So what makes this site any different? As best as we can tell, this is the only reviews site that truly invites you to add your input.
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Lots of sites let you add reviews, but how many sites are fair about which reviews they display?

You'll notice that many reviews sites you run across that do post consumer reviews only have positive reviews of the companies they feature most prominently. But, even the best credit repair companies have unsatisfied customers. So why do companies with RipOffReport entries, submissions on sites like, and multiple BBB complaints not have any negative reviews on credit repair ranking websites? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that these sites are created to convince you to sign up for certain credit repair services and they don't want to show you reviews that could persuade you to do otherwise.

In the spirit of full disclosure, also generates revenue from commissions earned when you sign up for some credit repair companies. The difference is we would rather let you make up your mind as to which credit repair company is best for you based on all available information. So, while we're not going to post blatant spam that is of no use to anyone, we're also not going to suppress negative reviews.

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Prime Law Experts did a hard pull on my credit w/o permission and won't take the report off my credit. I've been getting the run around for months. They commit fraud with no discipline or oversight. Thanks to Lending Tree and Rapid Creditors for the assist. M Prime Credit Experts Review (5/12/2015)
Very happy with this service!! We started with Leigh in mid September 2014, our credit was not good. our credit scores just kept getting better and better very quickly. WE were preapproved for a home ... Glenn and Lisa Avalon Credit Review (4/15/2015)
Mrs Reba is helping me and she is wonderful. MSI has raised my credit score at LEAST 200 points!!! They are taking care of me and walking me through this process of making better choices. Thank you MSI for everything. I could not ask for anything more Khrystal Robinson MSI Credit Solutions Review (3/24/2015)

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Most company pages on were created by us and we used our years of experience to provide an accurate and informative review of the company. That said, there is no way we can know as much about any credit repair company as someone who has used the service or is employed by the company. So, once the company page has been added to the site, it can be edited by anyone.

Has the cost of service changed? Update it. Has the company expanded their product offering? Add to the list of available services. Notice a factual inaccuracy in our company description or have additional insight to share? Feel free to rewrite or add to the description.

Credit Repair Information

What is Credit Repair?
Credit repair is a topic that is widely misunderstood even among people in the finance and credit industries. In fact, many people even disagree on exactly what the term credit repair entails. read more...
Credit Repair Companies: What to Expect
Before signing up with any credit repair company, make sure you have a complete understanding of how their process works and what you will need to do in order to facilitate them providing the best possible results. read more...
11 Warning Signs of a Credit Repair Scam
As with all cons, there are things you can look for to help prevent your becoming a victim of a credit repair scam. The most obvious is to remember that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. read more...

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